Kitchen Sink Drink

Time for your first independent Film Studies project.

Plan, film, edit, and upload a sequence featuring two characters in a kitchen, during which a drink is offered and accepted but secretly has something added to it.

Document all stages of the production and embed the finished sequence.

  1. Kitchen Sink Drink: Introduction
    • Explain the task.
    • Research and explain what a “treatment” is.
  2.  Kitchen Sink Drink: Treatment 
    • Write a concise but accurate treatment.
  3.  Kitchen Sink Drink: Screenplay 
    • Write and embed a correctly formatted screenplay.
  4.  Kitchen Sink Drink: Location Scout And Floor Plan 
    • Take photographs of your kitchen and draw a floor plan to aid storyboarding.
  5.  Kitchen Sink Drink: Storyboards 
    • Draw a series of functional storyboards to aid filming.
  6.  Kitchen Sink Drink: Filming 
    • Document production.
  7.  Kitchen Sink Drink: Editing 
    • Document post-production.
  8.  Kitchen Sink Drink: Finished Film And Evaluation 
    • Embed your finished film and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.