House Of Flying Daggers Contextualised

Copy the text below into a new post. Research and answer the questions. Augment your post with whatever you see fit — pictures, videos, stills, or anything else that might be helpful.

  1. Synopsis

  2. When and where do the events in the film take place?

  3. What was the Tang Dynasty?

  4. Why were the rulers deemed corrupt? And why were the rebel armies fighting against them?

  5. What are the key differences between the Flying Daggers and the Tang Dynasty?

  6. Briefly, what was the Cultural Revolution? When and how did it start and end?

  7. How did the Cultural Revolution affect filmmaking in China, and what group of filmmakers emerged as a result of this?

  8. What particular style of filmmaking does this employ? What are the key characteristics of this genre?

  9. What were/are two of the main cultural influences on Chinese filmmakers?

Look at the “context starter questions” on the mind-map below? How many could you answer? Add your answers to the end of this post.