The Hunger Games

Time for a bit of filmmaking fun.

Plan, film, edit, and upload a sequence featuring a number of characters leaving an art lesson and racing to be first in the lunchtime canteen queue. The characters will need to successfully avoid obstacles but will be disappointed at the end of their journey.

Interpret that as you will.

This time, you’re going to film as a group and edit as an individual.

Your finished sequence must feature parallel editing, a j-or-l-cut, a hidden cut, a graphic match, a jump cut, and a match cut. If you can manage a celebratory montage, go for it.

Document all stages of the production and embed the finished sequence:
1. The Hunger Games: Introduction And Treatment
– Explain the task.
– Write a concise but accurate treatment.
2.  The Hunger Games: Screenplay
– Write and embed a correctly formatted screenplay.
3.  The Hunger Games: Location Scout And Storyboards
– Take photographs of your locations to make a photographic storyboard.
4.  The Hunger Games: Filming 
– Document production.
5.  The Hunger Games: Editing 
– Document post-production.
6.  The Hunger Games: Finished Film And Evaluation 
– Embed your finished film and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.