Snow Business

Seeing as school’s not open, here’s what you can get on with…

Year 9 English

Finish annotating your “Of Mice And Men” extract. Ensure you are ready to write in detail about Steinbeck’s use of language in three separate parts of the extract and are able to link your points to the wider novel.

Year 11 English

Read and annotate “Living Space” in your poetry anthology.

Use GCSE Pod to revise the poems we have already studied and prepare for those we haven’t read yet.

Year 10 Media Studies

Get sketchbooks absolutely up to date, ready for me to collect and check.

Year 11 Media Studies

Complete neat versions of your comedy mind maps.

Watch more episodes of QI and 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Check out past papers on my blog.

Year 12 Film Studies

Re-watch the four Buster Keaton shorts on YouTube and continue listing points of similarity.

Work your way through any of the other YouTube playlists on my blog.

Year 13 Media Studies

Listen to the first dozen BBFC podcasts.