GCSE (B321) Evaluative Commentary

Your evaluation will take the form of a series of illustrated and decorated sketchbook pages. You will have time to prepare and draft, then you will spend a few lessons producing final, neat, versions.

The final versions will be produced in exam conditions. Please ensure you have a reading book available in case you do not require the full amount of time.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed in this piece of work.

Remember, your original brief was to “design and produce a CD digipak to promote a new male/female solo artist to appeal to a (particular) audience”.

You must provide thorough and detailed answers to the following six prompts:

  1. Briefly describe the analytical task and the music videos you studied. Explain the production task, and its requirements. State your individual production brief.
  2. Explain all the research you carried out: your investigation into the size, shape and conventions of CD packaging; your research into how artists from a particular genre appeal to their target audience; and your detailed examination of three album designs.
  3. Explain all the planning you carried out: design ideas, artist names; and track titles.
  4. Explain how your production is targeted at a particular target audience.
  5. Explain in detail how your production uses media codes and conventions, including stereotypes and genre conventions, to communicate representation.
  6. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your finished production.

You should address the prompts in the order they appear above. The prompts themselves should be used as headings for each section.

Bear in mind you are aiming for a Level 4 mark. To achieve this, you must demonstrate:

  • There is excellent research into similar media texts.
  • There is excellent planning, with clear evidence of organised use of time.
  • There is excellent reference to the ways the production is aimed at a target audience.
  • There is an excellent understanding of the ways in which media language has been used to construct representation.
  • There is an excellent understanding of the ways in which generic codes and conventions have been used to construct representation.
  • The evaluation is excellent, with a clear sense of reflection on the work.
  • There is an accurate command of medium-specific terminology.