GCSE (B324) Evaluation

Your evaluation will take the form of a series of illustrated and decorated sketchbook pages. You will have time to prepare and draft, then you will spend a few lessons producing final, neat, versions.

The final versions will be produced in exam conditions. Please ensure you have a reading book available in case you do not require the full amount of time.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be assessed in this piece of work.

Remember, your original brief was to produce “a music promo video, with a storyboard”.

You must provide thorough and detailed answers to the following seven prompts:

  1. Explain the brief and the process of selecting a song. Explain your reasons for wanting your particular track, perhaps briefly describing your initial ideas. State who you worked with using their full names.
  2. Describe the research you undertook, and why you chose particular videos. Discuss their target audience and how they appealed to that audience.
  3. Describe the forms and conventions you observed during your research and how you planned to utilise these in your own production.
  4. Describe the key decisions you had to make before and during your production and explain the reasoning behind them.
  5. Describe changes and revisions you made during production and post-production. Evaluate whether these had a positive or negative impact on the production.
  6. Describe the audience feedback you have received and assess its validity.
  7. Explain how successfully you think your finished production meets the original brief. What do you think is particularly effective and what would you do differently if you repeated the exercise?

You should address the prompts in the order they appear above. The prompts themselves should be used as headings for each section.

Bear in mind you are aiming for a Level 4 mark. To achieve this, you must demonstrate:

  • There is a detailed evaluation of the monitoring of decisions and revisions.
  • There is a detailed discussion of how the brief related to research into similar media texts and target audiences.
  • There is excellent understanding of the forms and conventions used in the production.
  • There is excellent understanding of the significance of audience feedback.
  • There is excellent ability to communicate.
  • There is a thorough evaluation of the success of the finished media text in meeting the original brief.
  • There is an accurate command of appropriate medium-specific terminology.