GCSE (B324) Production Portfolio In Media Studies

There are 120 marks available for this portfolio of work, worth 30% of the total GCSE.

Your portfolio will contain three marked pieces of work, one of which is a log of planning and research material:

  1. Production log (30 marks)
    • “The production log will provide important evidence to the teacher and moderator of the individual candidate’s role and personal contribution to the production. It must be completed individually and is expected to include the following:
      • evidence of research.
      • evidence of planning, such as outlines, still test shots, sketches and storyboards.
      • key dates, decisions and deadlines.
      • a record of the individual candidate’s exact contributions to the production, such as: camerawork, photography, interviews, copywriting, design, audience research, redrafting or editing.”
  2. Major practical production (60 marks)
    • A professionally filmed group production. Each group member is expected to take on a specific role, such as director, camera operator or editor.
  3. Evaluation (30 marks)
    • An individually written response to a series of prompts, encouraging thoughtful reflection on the experience of mounting the major practical production.