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Component 3: Research and Planning

Component 3: Research and Planning

All stages of your production, from inception to completion, must be documented on your blog.

All posts should be posted in the correct category:

  • Component 3: Pre-production

  • Component 3: Production

  • Component 3: Post-production

Some aspects of pre-production are mandatory and should be completed to a high standard as soon as possible. Numbers 2 and 3 can be completed in either order.

  1. Explain coursework requirements.

  2. Treatment (written in detailed prose, using film-specific language).

  3. Screenplay (correctly formatted, with evidence of research).

  4. Storyboards (hand-drawn or photographed, annotated where necessary).

  5. Shot list (organised by location, accompanied by storyboard panels).

There is much more the the process than this, however. You should have a series of detailed posts documenting all other aspects of your particular production.

You might want/need to document:

  • Scouting for locations

  • Casting

  • Rehearsing

  • Practise shots

  • Wardrobe and prop acquisition

  • Make up

  • Special effects

  • Soundtrack research

Or anything else that tickles your fancy, demonstrates enthusiasm, and generally makes you look like a committed and competent filmmaker…